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The axis "EMERGING PROCESSES FOR INCREASED TRANSFER" brings together the knowledge of our team in the following areas:

  • Electrotechnologies: electric pulsed fields (PEC), electric discharges (ED), ohmic heating (CO), electro-osmosis / electrophoresis (EO),
  • Mechanical oscillations (ultrasound, vibrations, pulsations),
  • Chemical adjuvants (flocculants, dispersants) and enzymatic agents,
  • High pressure homogenization,     ultrasound,     Microwave.

Breaking away from traditional transfer processes (mainly with extractive and separative processes, but also with certain thermal processes), our team aims to promote alternative and innovative processes.  The originality of the TAI team's research is thus the integration of emerging technologies for the transformation of agro-resources and the intensification of agro-industrial processes.

Examples of processes developed: improved extraction or freezing by PEF, dynamic ultrafiltration, osmotic dehydration enhanced by ohmic heating, sludge dewatering improved by electro-osmosis and dispersants, etc.