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ELECTROBIOREF 2015 : The Electroporation-based Technologies for Biorefinery Workshop

University of Technology of Compiegne, France - Compiegne

This Workshop had attracted experts from the fields of electroporation and biorefinery research and industry, in order to promote discussion on the latest scientific and technical ideas and developments of electroporation-based technologies as applied to biomass, biotechnology, and food waste biorefinery. The principal aim of the Workshop was to provide strategic recommendations for research groups working on electric pre-treatment technologies, in order to efficiently combine and orient efforts towards the goals set by the Joint European Biorefinery Vision for 2030.

The topics of the workshop reflected the recent progress in the field of electroporation, primarily pertaining to

  • Wet and dry Biomass biorefinery
  • White and blue bioprocess biorefinery
  • Food industry residues biorefinery

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Some presentations are available in the table below :